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Counter styles converter

This page allows you to convert ASCII numbers into other representations that can be used for ordered list counters, headings, etc. It uses the algorithms described by CSS3 Counter Styles and Predefined Counter Styles, but doesn't yet cover negative numbers, and outside the ranges defined in Counter Styles no fallback is applied other than to ASCII digits.

This is still a work in progress: more styles will be added as I get the time.

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For more information about what's going on here, see CSS3 Counter Styles. Basically, this app converts a sequence of ASCII numbers to counters that could be based on numeric, alphabetic, additive, or fixed principles. It uses the names of styles defined in the spec.

Those counters are typically used with numbered lists (ol in HTML), or for numbering section headers, footnotes, etc.

Numeric styles just substitute other characters for the digits 0-9 .

Alphabetic styles produce counters like a, b, c ... z, aa, ab ... etc

Additive styles use a more complicated method to build counters in a way similar to the Roman numbering, i, ii, iii, iv, v, ... x, xi ... etc

Fixed styles are just a single sequence of characters, and therefore the range is quite limited. For example, there are only twenty filled-circle numbers in Unicode, and so you only see a result for numbers between 1 and 20 (eg. ❶, ❷, ❸, ❹ ... ⓳, ⓴).

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