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This picker contains characters from the Unicode Mongolian block needed for writing the Mongolian language. It doesn’t include Sibe, Todo or Manchu characters. Mongolian is a complex script, and I am still familiarising myself with it. This is an initial trial version of a Mongolian picker, and as people use it and raise feedback I may need to make changes.

About the tool: Pickers allow you to quickly create phrases in a script by clicking on Unicode characters arranged in a way that aids their identification. Pickers are likely to be most useful if you don’t know a script well enough to use the native keyboard. The arrangement of characters also makes it much more usable than a regular character map utility.

About this picker: The output area for this picker is set up for vertical text. However, only Internet Explorer currently supports vertical text display, and only IE8 supports Mongolian’s left-to-right column progression. In addition, it seems that IE doesn’t support ltr columns in textarea elements. The bottom line is that, although the output area is the right shape and position for vertical text, mostly the output will be horizontal. You will see vertical text in IE, but the column positions will look wrong. Nevertheless, in any of these cases, when you cut and paste text into another document, the characters will still be correctly ordered.

Consonants are to the left, and in the order listed in the Wikipedia article about Mongolian text. To their right are vowels, then punctuation, spaces and control characters, and number digits. The variation selectors are positioned just below the consonants.

As you mouse over the letters, the various combining forms appear in a column to the far left. This is to help identify characters, for those less familiar with the alphabet.