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In 1992 the Chinese government recognised the Fraser alphabet as the official script for the Lisu language and has encouraged its use since then. There are 630,000 Lisu people in China, mainly in the regions of Nujiang, Diqing, Lijiang, Dehong, Baoshan, Kunming and Chuxiong in the Yunnan Province. Another 350,000 Lisu live in Myanmar, Thailand and India. Other user communities are mostly Christians from the Dulong, the Nu and the Bai nationalities in China.

About the tool: Pickers allow you to quickly create phrases in a script by clicking on Unicode characters arranged in a way that aids their identification. Pickers are likely to be most useful if you don’t know a script well enough to use the native keyboard. The arrangement of characters also makes it much more usable than a regular character map utility.

Latest changes: This picker is new. The default view was modified from an original proposal by Benjamin Lee, and is likely to be more useful to people who are somewhat familiar with the alphabet and characters of Lisu. Characters are arranged to simplify entry, with consonants to the left, vowels to their right, and tone marks to their right.

There is also a keyboard view. Many of the positions of characters are based on keyboard layouts I have seen. Those keyboards, however, tended to use some ASCII characters for punctuation, when the Unicode Standard recommends other characters (in particular, MODIFIER LETTER LOW MACRON and MODIFIER LETTER APOSTROPHE) or omit some punctuation characters mentioned in the Unicode Standard. The current version of this keyboard, therefore adds some extra characters.

The layout is adequate, given that pickers assume availability of a QWERTY keyboard, however if a real standardised keyboard layout is to be made, it should involve some further changes. For example, people wanting to use syntax characters such as comma, period, semi-colon, single quote, etc, while writing the text in Lisu will need direct access to those characters. They are missing from this layout.