A new version of this very popular tool is now available, in a new location. Although it is currently labeled ‘beta’, I recommend that you use that instead, and change any links and bookmarks to the new location. There are a number of new features.

There is also a vastly improved code base. If you are one of the many people who have contacted me to ask how I coded the conversions, please take a look at the new javascript code. It is much cleaner and more compact.

New features include:

* New mixed input field and position of some fields changed.
* New field for conversion of 0x… notation hex escapes.
* Enabled invisible and ambiguous characters to be made visible in the XML output.
* Added support for all HTML entities in HTML/XML input.
* All code rewritten to use characters as the internal representation, rather than code points. Also, code is much smaller and cleaner, partly through use of regular expression matching.
* Various filters available for conversion, such as allowing ASCII or Latin1 characters to remain unconverted in NCR output.
* New icon to quickly select all contents of a field.

There is also a new demonstration feature.

If there are no issues raised/remaining in a couple of months, I’ll remove the beta tag.