Picture of the page in action.

A new Pinyin phonetics web app is now available. As you type Hanyu pinyin in the top box, a phonetic transcription appears in the lower box.

I put this app together to help me get closer to the correct pronunciation of names of people, cities, etc. that I come across while reading about Chinese history. There was often some combination of letters that I couldn’t quite remember how to pronounce.

It’s not intended to be perfect, though I think it’s pretty good overall. It works with input whether or not it has tonal accents. If you can suggest improvements, please raise a github issue.

See the notes file for a description of the less obvious phonetic symbols.

In case you want something to play with, here’s the text in the picture: Dìzào zhēnzhèng quánqiú tōngxíng de wànwéiwǎng. It means “Making the World Wide Web truly worldwide”, and the Han version is 缔造真正全球通行的万维网.