Tim Greenwood just pointed out to me a ‘bug’ in my converter program, which I think is actually, in my mind, a bug in Firefox (although I imagine it was implemented by someone as a feature).

If you type A0 (the hex code for a non-breaking space) in the Hexadecimal code points field, then press Convert, you will get a blank space in the Characters field that should be U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE. Then press Convert or View Names above this Characters field and you’ll find that what was supposed to be a NBSP has changed into an ordinary space. IE7, Opera and Safari all continue to show the character in the field as a NBSP.

(However, all four browsers substitute an ordinary space when you copy and paste the text from the Characters field into something else.)

I tried this with a range of other types of space , but had no such behaviour (try it). They all remained themselves.

Anyone know what this is about?