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Picture of the page in action.

This web-based tool helps you convert between a number of Unicode escape and code formats.

Changes in the new version:

  • Convert from JavaScript, Java and C escape notation, and to JavaScript/Java escapes (with switch to show C-style supplementary characters)
  • Convert to and from CSS escape notation
  • Convert from HTML/XML code with escapes to code with just characters
  • Convert < > ” or & in HTML/XML code to entities
  • Option to show ASCII characters when converting to NCRs
  • View a set of characters in UniView by clicking on the View in UniView button

For CSS output I chose the 6-figure version with no optional space, since I thought it was clearest. I’ve had a request to change it to the shortest form (4 or 6 figures) followed by space. If other people prefer that, I may change it.

Update: Markus Scherer convinced me to change the CSS output. So rather than 6-figure escapes with no space, the output now contains 6-figure escapes followed by a space for supplementary characters, and 4-figure escapes followed by a space elsewhere.