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Picture of the page in action.

In little pockets of time recently I’ve been making some significant improvements to my UniView tool, the character map on steroids.

Changes include:

  • Substantially revised the code so that handling of ideographic and hangul characters and other characters not in the Unidata database is much improved. For example, ideographs now display in the left panel for a specified range and property values are available in the right panel.
  • Added regular expression support to the search input field.
  • Changes to the user interface: moved highlighting controls to the initial screens and move others, such as the chart numbering toggle, to the submenu under “Options”; provided wider input fields for codepoint and cut&paste input; replaced the graphics and list toggle icons with checkboxes; provided an icon to quickly clear the contents of the codepoint and cut&paste input fields. A link to the UniHan database was added alongside the Cut & paste input field: when clicked, this icon looks up the first character in either field. A link to the UniHan database was also added to the right panel when a Unified CJK character is displayed there.
  • The Codepoint input field now accepts more than one codepoint (separated by spaces).
  • When you double-click on a character in the left panel the codepoint is appended to the Codepoint input field as well as adding the character to the Cut & paste field.
  • When you click in the checkbox Show as graphics the change is immediately applied to whatever is in the left panel. It no longer redisplays the range if you are looking at, say, a list of characters generated by the Codepoint input, but redisplays the same list.
  • Set the default font to “Arial Unicode MS, sans-serif”.
  • Added a message for those who do not have JavaScript turned on, and messages to please wait while data is being downloaded on initial startup.
  • Fixed the icons linking to the converter tool, so that the contents of the adjacent field are passed to the converter and converted automatically.
  • Added links in the right panel to FileFormat pages (in addition to decodeUnicode). The FileFormat pages provide useful information for Java and .Net users about a given character.
  • Removed the option to specify your own character notes (I’m not aware that anyone ever did, since it hasn’t worked for a while now and no-one has complained). This is because AJAX technology will not allow an XML file to be included from another domain. When that is fixed I will reinstate it.
  • Fixed a number of other bugs, particularly related to supplementary character support and highlighting.

Please report any bugs to me, and don’t forget to refresh any UniView files in your cache before using the new version.