Dochula Pass, Bhutan

About the tool: The vocab tester allows you to review vocabulary or phrases. The vocab files can be located anywhere on the Web, and you can create them yourself, using the trivially easy text format described below. You can also print out a list of vocabulary for review, for when you don’t have access to the computer.

Latest changes: You can now specify style information for the text using CSS. I also fixed a bug that was preventing the tool from working on Internet Explorer.

I also fixed one or two smaller bugs and improved the code slightly, the example links now all work, and I added a Russian example.

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About the tool: Pickers allow you to quickly create phrases in a script by clicking on Unicode characters arranged in a way that aids their identification. Pickers are likely to be most useful if you don’t know a script well enough to use the native keyboard. The arrangement of characters also makes it much more useable than a regular character map utility.

Latest changes: This picker has been upgraded to use the version 10 look and feel, and incorporate new characters from Unicode version 5.2. Characters whose use is discouraged in Unicode have been moved to the advanced section – similar looking images in the main section put multiple characters into the output, as per NFC normalization.

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