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Picture of the page in action.

This is a new tool that helps you to locate a country or territory on a map of the world. Ever wondered where Khazakhstan is? This will show you.

The map is in SVG and expands to fill the window. Territories are coloured red. Very small territories are marked by a red dot.

The map comes from Wikipedia. The list of territories comes from the regions listed in the IANA Language Subtag Registry. I can’t guarrantee that all the territories in the pulldown list are viewable, but nearly all are.

It’s quite a big SVG file, so it takes a little while to draw. I’ll try to speed that up in the future. It seems to draw much faster on Chrome or Opera than on Firefox or IE.

For the future I have some other ideas, such as displaying the country name natively, and linking to Wikipedia articles, CLDR data, etc. But that’s for later.

Update: Almost every time I located a country, I found myself wondering what the countries alongside are. So now as you move your mouse over a country, the name of that country pops up.