Dochula Pass, Bhutan

Tim Greenwood just pointed out to me a ‘bug’ in my converter program, which I think is actually, in my mind, a bug in Firefox (although I imagine it was implemented by someone as a feature).

If you type A0 (the hex code for a non-breaking space) in the Hexadecimal code points field, then press Convert, you will get a blank space in the Characters field that should be U+00A0 NO-BREAK SPACE. Then press Convert or View Names above this Characters field and you’ll find that what was supposed to be a NBSP has changed into an ordinary space. IE7, Opera and Safari all continue to show the character in the field as a NBSP.

(However, all four browsers substitute an ordinary space when you copy and paste the text from the Characters field into something else.)

I tried this with a range of other types of space , but had no such behaviour (try it). They all remained themselves.

Anyone know what this is about?

The word Mandalay in Myanmar script.

I’ve been brushing up on the Myanmar script, since major changes are on the way with Unicode 5.1.

I upgraded my myanmar picker to handle the new characters, and I edited my notes on how the script works.

The new characters will make a big difference to how you author text in Unicode, and people will need to update currently existing pages to bring them in line with the new approach. The changes should make it much easier to create content in Burmese, in addition to addressing some niggly problems with making the script work correctly. One reason the changes were sanctioned is that there is currently very little Burmese content out there in Unicode.

I’ll be updating my character by character notes later too.

The only problem with all this is that existing fonts will all need to be changed to support the new world order (or myanmar order). I found one font that is already 5.1 ready from the Myanmar Unicode & NLP Research Center. So if you don’t want to download that font, you’ll need to read the PDF version of my notes on the script.

That would be a pity, however, since i had some fun adding javascript to the article today, so that it displays a breakdown, character by character, of each example as you mouse over it (using images, so you see it properly).