Dochula Pass, Bhutan

New utility

I’ve been developing some small utilities in PHP to help me geotag my photos. First up for mention here is a tool for converting latitude and longitude to decimal format and to the tags needed for Flickr. I think it may be of use to other people than just me.

The following input formats are acceptable:

* Any arrangement that includes at least one of the following characters ° ‘ ” or , and lists figures in the order degrees, minutes, seconds (where the last two are optional).
* Decimal formats – useful for just formatting as flickr geotags.
* Use of N,S,E,W (any case and any location) or minus signs.

The following decimal output formats are provided:

* latitude longitude: this is arranged in such a way that you could cut and paste the whole thing as one, eg. into, say, Google Earth’s search field to find a location quickly
* geotags for Flickr: this provides the regular geotag, lat= and lon= tags plus a fourth combination tag in a format that enables to create tags with a single cut and paste

Hindu temple

I’ve been very remiss lately about posting updates to my photo sets. I went to India twice in August, first Delhi then Bangalore. I took a morning and afternoon in each place to take photos. Although they are still just snaps taken while walking, there are some interesting shots.

There are 5 new sets of photos:

Lodi Gardens, Delhi
Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi
Qutb Minar, Delhi
Bull Temple, Bangalore
Bangalore Misc

One of these days, I’ll do this properly and really take some time over each shot. My usual situation on these photo days is that I’m constantly feeling guilty about holding my companions up, so I take a quick photo and hurry on. In Bangalore I stopped for long enough behind the Bull Temple to find good angles that my driver came round looking for me, so I felt bad about staying longer. Hmm. I need to do something about that. I do enjoy the company, though.