[new version]

In preparation for my full-day tutorial at WWW2005 I’ve been creating and renovating presentations. As a result, the format of this tutorial has been reworked to fit the style I have recently developed for tutorials on the W3C Internationalization site.

The text remains the same, but you can now view slides as a single document (good for printing), or as individual slides with XHTML-based notes. The slides themselves are graphics, so you can see what I’m trying to show you, but there’s also a text only version of each slide. There’s also a new overview, to help you jump around easily.

I had wanted to also provide SVG slides, but the SVG export utility in the new version of Open Office (2.0 beta) takes control of positioning the text in a way that doesn’t support combining characters and shaping etc properly. Since my talk is about features that need to be supported for support of complex scripts, this actually provides an interesting object lesson! 🙁 Maybe when I have more time I’ll upload them.