Dochula Pass, Bhutan

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New features include:

  • Support for supplementary characters
  • Double-clicking on a list item to the left adds the character to the Cut&Paste field above
  • Han and Ideographic characters are shown for code points typed in the Code Point field.

About UniView
Look up characters, character blocks, paste in and discover unknown characters, store your own info about characters, search on character names, do hex/dec/ncr conversions, highlight character types, etc. etc. Check out the help file for instructions and new features, and have fun!

Supports Unicode 4.0 and rewritten with Web Standards to work on a variety of browsers. – this is still work in progress and has some known bugs (esp surrogates), but I use it all the time.

Initially downloads about 1Mb of Unicode data, so you should use a fast connection. Once it’s cached you’re ok. Alternatively, download the newly available zip file and run it from your PC. It’s just XHTML and Javascript – so no worries about viruses.

I waste enough time on the (literally) hundreds of spam messages I receive in my email each day. Now I’m getting daily multiple spam comments on my block postings. I can’t afford the time to deal with them, so I’ve turned the comment facility off. Write to me in email if you wish to comment. It’s pitiful, really, that a small number of [can’t find a polite word for these people] can ruin this.



This was in response to a request from someone who wants to transliterate Arabic, Persian, and several other languages during their work publishing Middle Eastern historical works.

New app

Includes characters needed in Morocco to represent the Berber script. Unicode codes are those expected to be standardised in Unicode 4.1. Letters are arranged in approximately the same arrangement as the proposed IRCAM keyboard. Get the Hapax Berbère font.