Dochula Pass, Bhutan

I added a number of category-based links to the home page and others. They allow you to look up news or pick up a RSS feed for a particular category of information on the site . Look out for the icons Link to a category-specific list of recent postings. and Links to a category-specific RSS feed URI..

New article

I use XMetal for all my XHTML editing because it ensures validity and I find it very easy to add, move and change tags and attributes. This article describes how I set up my environment to handle XHTML, in the hope that others might find bits of it useful to get started quickly.

New app

Are you learning a language? This web app allows you to test yourself on your own vocabulary, dialogues, kanji characters, whatever. You can test in both directions, specify what information to display, and randomise the list before testing. You can also print lists for testing yourself when you don’t have access to the Web.

For instructions, see the help file.


People & Roskilde

Taken during and around the SWAD-Europe and CEN/ISS MMI-DC Workshop on Metadata for a multilingual world.

New article

Some browsers apply the fonts listed in the user font preferences to the display of HTML Unicode text in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean, depending on the setting of the lang/xml:lang attribute. Here is a summary of the results of some brief testing of mainstream browsers on Windows XP. I may update this as additional information becomes available.

New article

Describes a hack that allows you to do language negotiation across files that are not necessarily in the same directory. It is a method described by Dominique Hazaël-Massieux with a couple of refinements I added relating to handling default files and language extensions appearing before the .html extension. Note: I’m not convinced that it’s a good idea.

New GEO article

A W3C article based around the question: How do I use .htaccess directives on an Apache server to serve files with a specific encoding?

New GEO article

A W3C GEO article based around the question: Should I declare the language of my XHTML document using a language attribute, the Content-Language HTTP header, or a meta element?